TAUPO SALE – 700 Cattle

TAUPO SALE – 700 Cattle

Entries to Date

700 Cattle
40 2yr Steers Here Frsn X
42 2yr Friesian Bulls
25 2yr Heifers Here Frsn & Angus Frsn X

30 1yr Angus & Angus Here X Steers
90 1yr Dairy Beef x Steers
5 1yr Hereford Bulls
9 1yr Here Frsn & Frsn Bulls

40 1yr Angus Heifers
25 Wnr Aut Born Dairy Beef X Steers
185 Wnr Aut Born Dairy Beef` X Bulls

210 Wnr Aut Born Dairy Beef X Heifers
10  Assorted Cattle

Detailed Entry List Here

Special entries:
A/c D Koster 
280 Aut Born Here Frsn X Weaner Bulls & Heifers
Approx 140/150kg
A/c G & S Morris
25 1yr Angus & Angus Here X Steers
Approx 290kg
A/c McGuinn Koeke Trust
40 1yr Angus Heifers
Approx 250kg
Photo Here
A/c C & S Harrison
25 1yr Here Frsn X Steers
12 1yr Speckle Park Frsn X Steers
10 1yr Charlolais Frsn X Steers
Approx 250/260kg
10 1yr Simmental Frsn X Steers
Approx 290kg 

Further entries are being taken

Central Livestock Ltd
Carrfields Livestock Ltd
PGG Wrightson Ltd

ONLINE Bidding
Central Livestock will be offering the BIDR online service
Simply choose Central Livestock if you wish to charge your cattle through us

The Taupo Weaner Fair is a Hybrid Livestream sale with bidr® – head to bidr.co.nz to watch and bid every sale.
For any bidr® queries or assistance,
call 0800 TO BIDR (0800 86 2437) or email enquiries@bidr.co.nz

NAIT Requirements
Taupo Saleyards is an accredited NAIT entity so we will scan and record the movement of your cattle.
However, all cattle must be NAIT tagged and all vendors must have their NAIT number.
Untagged cattle will either be sent home or tagged with a saleyards approved NAIT tag at a maximum cost of $25 per head tagged.
Please note that all intending purchasers must be NAIT registered prior to the sale and must have a NAIT number when registering at the sale.
We are accredited NAIT providers and can assist by registering on your behalf for a small fee.

ASD forms HERE   Terms & Conditions HERE