Taupo Cattle Sale 8th December 2022

Taupo Cattle Sale 17th November 2022

Taupo Cattle Sale 20th October 2022 

Taupo Cattle Sale 8th September 2022

Taupo Cattle Sale 14th July 2022

Taupo Cattle Sale 19th May 2022

Taupo Weaner & Cattle Sale 11th April 2022

Taupo Weaner Sale 14th March 2022

Taupo Weaner Sale 7th March 2022

Taupo Cattle Sale 10th February 2022

Puketoro Station on Farm Sale 10th January 2022

Taupo Cattle Sale 9th December 2021

Taupo Cattle Sale 18th November 2021

Taupo Cattle Sale 28th October 2021

Taupo Cattle Sale 24th June 2021

Taupo Cattle Sale 25th May 2021

Taupo Beef Weaner 12th April 2021

Taupo Dairy Beef Weaner 1st March 2021

Taupo Sale 4th Feb 2021

Puketoro Sale 5th Jan 2021

Taupo Cattle 3rd December 2020

Taupo Cattle 11th November 2020

Taupo Cattle 15th October 2020

Taupo Cattle 20th August 2020

Taupo Cattle 21st May 2020

Puketoro Sale 7th January 2020

Taupo Cattle 12th December 2019

Taupo Cattle 7th November 2019

Taupo Cattle 15th August 2019

Taupo Cattle 2nd May 2019

Taupo Weaner Cattle 8th April 2019

Taupo Cattle Sale 21st March 2019

Taupo Weaner Cattle 4th & 5th March 2019

Taupo Cattle 24th January 2019

Puketoro Sale 8th January 2019

Taupo Cattle 22nd November 2018

Taupo Cattle 11th October 2018

Taupo Cattle 23rd August 2018

Taupo Cattle 24th May 2018

Taupo Weaner 9th April 2018

Taupo Cattle & Sheep 22nd March 2018

Taupo Weaner Bull 6th March 2018

Taupo Weaner Steer & Heifer 5th March 2018

Taupo Sale 25th Jan 2018

Taupo Sale 14th December 2017

Taupo Sale 23rd November 2017

Taupo Cattle Sale 19th October 2017

Taupo Cattle Sale 21st September 2017

Taupo Cattle Sale 10th August 2017

Taupo Weaner Bull 7th March 2017

Taupo Weaner Steer & Heifer 6th March 2017

Taupo Sale 26th January 2017

Taupo Sale 15th December 2016

Taupo Sale 17th November 2016

Taupo Sale 13th October 2016

Taupo Sale 16th September 2016

Taupo Sale 25th August 2016


Based in Taupo, Central Livestock Limited has built a reputable business with a large client base North Island wide. A large range of services are now available to help meet the needs of our growing client base. 

As a member of the New Zealand Stock & Station Agents Association we can give our clients the confidence of a fully comprehensive set of Terms & Conditions of Sale


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